Terms and Conditions

You can always find the current terms and conditions for the use of invii.me on this page. When you create a profile on invii.me, you accept and acknowledge having read the following terms and conditions. This agreement contains the legally binding terms and conditions that apply to your use of the overall solution called invii.me, which includes the use of the invii.me website, applications, and services associated with invii.me. These terms and conditions should be used in conjunction with invii.me's privacy policy. invii.me's services and features are provided "as is."

invii.me has the right to expand, modify, or limit the services provided at any time without specific notice.


You must have a profile with a completed email to use invii.me's services. You can choose to log in with a third-party login service like Facebook or Google. During the creation of parties, you will be introduced to the profile creation process.


invii.me is primarily a paid solution for users who create their parties but will always be free for the guests invited by the user. There may be special periods when events are free. Both parties can use most of invii.me's services for free. In addition to the basic features on invii.me, there may be specific parts of the service that are an additional paid service, including, but not limited to:

When using SMS invitations, there is a charge per SMS sent.

You can purchase access to additional Premium features for your party at the specified price.

All prices listed on invii.me always include VAT.


By purchasing Premium access to invii.me, you acquire access to extra functionality for your party. Premium access is a one-time cost for each individual party. If you need Premium access for multiple parties, please contact us for an offer.


Images uploaded to an party are not owned by invii.me, and invii.me takes no responsibility for the images that may be uploaded. Images uploaded where the user does not own the rights may be deleted without notice. Images uploaded to invii.me must also comply with our data conditions defined in the Data section.

Images will be deleted two months after the party date. Before this happens, we will provide you with proper notice so that you have the opportunity to download your images.


Payment is made through Stripe. Your information and credit card details are transmitted to Stripe encrypted and are never in the possession of invii.me. Stripe and invii.me adhere to all modern security guidelines.


invii.me reserves the right to delete user-created data at any time without notice if the data violates invii.me's terms.

It is not allowed to create data or upload images to invii.me that contain pornographic, harmful, racist, or other offensive content. It will always be invii.me's decision as to whether the data complies with invii.me's terms, and it may be deleted without notice.

Right of Withdrawal

By sending invitations via SMS or email, or by any other means of distributing the party to guests, the right of withdrawal is immediately forfeited, as it is considered to be used thereafter.

When purchasing Premium, you always have a 14-day right of return if you are not satisfied with the purchase. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, please contact us at [email protected].


It is not allowed to use invii.me in ways other than what invii.me is intended for, which is sending invitations and messages to guests in connection with parties. Any use of invii.me for spam distribution or other abuse of the system will not be allowed.

invii.me reserves the right to block or delete users without notice if they do not comply with the terms of use of invii.me.

Version: v20231023